GBP United Kingdom Pounds


114 EUR
129 USD
United States Dollars
14260 JPY
Japan Yen
181 AUD
Australia Dollars
472 AED
United Arab Emirates Dirhams
130 CHF
Switzerland Francs
Currency ISO Code GBP Amount Sell    
Australia Dollars 1.8128 AUD
Bulgaria Leva 2.232 BGN
Canada Dollars 1.7046 CAD
Croatia Kuna 8.4516 HRK
Czechia Koruny 29.4404 CZK
Denmark Kroner 8.5147 DKK
Egypt Pounds 22.5978 EGP
Euro 1.1412 EUR
Hong Kong Dollars 10.0889 HKD
Hungary Forint 363.9491 HUF
Iceland Kronur 154.6551 ISK
Israel New Shekels 4.6926 ILS
Japan Yen 142.6045 JPY
Morocco Dirhams 12.2714 MAD
New Zealand Dollars 1.8886 NZD
Norway Kroner 11.1328 NOK
Poland Zlotych 4.9509 PLN
Qatar Riyals 4.6791 QAR
Singapore Dollars 1.7476 SGD
South Africa Rand 18.0574 ZAR
Sweden Kronor 11.9169 SEK
Switzerland Francs 1.297 CHF
Turkey Lira 6.7998 TRY
Ukraine Hryvnia 34.856 UAH
United Arab Emirates Dirhams 4.7209 AED
United States Dollars 1.2855 USD
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